replica watch brand relationship-Hublot and Beard Se

replica Hublot built a global partnership together with Beard Season, which is a viral campaign to pay more attention to serious consequences of unchecked skin cancers. By doing this, Hublot replica created a wholly new look for replica watches brand relationship.

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In order to draw more attention to the necessity of early check of skin cancers, Niggles and his friends have decided to make beards bigger and stronger. This attracted photograher Mr. Elwood’s attention. The prevailing trend for hipster beards and Mr Niggle’s viral campaign now have been brought together by Mr. Elwood’s own fascination with facial hair.
At the launch of the exhibition last week at London’s Somerset House, Ricardo Guadalpe ,replica hublot CEO, commented: “Much like those who adorn their wrists with a Hublot, Mr Elbank’s magnificent images celebrate people who defy convention and face the world with blazing attitude. We look forward to continuing to work with Beard Season and helping Jimmy and all Beard Season Ambassadors save lives, beard by beard.”
Brock Elbank’s Beard photography exhibition was released last week at Somerset House with over 80 images exhibited, including portraits of suitably hirsute celebrity sitters, actor Sir John Hurt, artist Gavin Turk and street style regular Nick Wooster. Jimmy Niggles, whose close friend aged just 26 died of melanoma, launched the viral campaign. And this exhibition is a way to celebrate the launch.